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Birnie Bus Service Inc. was founded in 1947 and has continued to grow at a steady rate since. Birnie Bus employs over 1400 people with a fleet of over 900 school buses. Birnie Bus Service transports over two million passengers and covers more than 700 million miles annually. These numbers put Birnie Bus as the 18th largest bus company in the United States.Our goal here at Birnie Bus is not to generate the most numbers, but rather ensure efficiency and quality everytime. CEO Timothy Birnie was a teacher for ten years before he opted to come back to the family business. He says "I feel I know both sides of the coin having been an educator of children and now responsible for transporting them."

Now, with 18 locations throughout New York State, the Corporate Headquarters still flourishes in Rome, NY. This is where all 36 motor coaches are stationed, and over 300 school buses are maintained. Birnie Bus services the Rome City School District which includes 1 High School, 1 Jr High School, 1 Upper Elementary Level School, and 8 Elementary Schools along with providing transportation services for 1 Parochial School.

Birnie Bus Service, Inc. also provides services for tour groups, corporate travel, public transportation and handicapped services throughout New York.