Back The Advantages of Outsourcing School Transportation

School Transportation Services: As budgets tighten, school districts are looking for ways to decrease costs. A proven and effective way to do this is to outsource transportation needs to Birnie Bus Service, Inc. However, there are many reasons why a school district may choose to outsource it's transportation needs.

Reasons To Outsource:

  • Contain & reduce costs of operating a bus fleet.
  • Replacement of an aging bus fleet.
  • Improved & lower cost of maintenance & repair.
  • Improved driver training & safety.
  • To meet challenges in specialized transportation services such as handicapped transportation.
  • Keeping up with new state and US DOT operating regulations.
  • Reducing liability and customer service issues with parents and community members.
  • Meet complex routing requirements.

Birnie Bus Service, Inc. provides to school districts, customized student transportation solutions to fit each individual schools needs.

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