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Birnie's 50-Day Intensive CDL Driver Training Program

We created our proprietary Zero to Hero™ CDL Driver Training Program to ensure your students are driven by the safest drivers. Safety first is safety always. And add exceptional courtesy and kindness, which comes from all of our team. With our drivers behind the wheel, you, parents, and students receive the highest quality service and peace of mind.

Zero to Hero™ Drivers

  • Birnie Bus is one of the few New York State Third Party CDL Testers.
  • We were one of the first to endorse and implement New York State’s required training.
  • As pioneers in this, we have extensive understanding in the qualifications to pass and succeed.
  • Our drivers need to complete our custom program to earn a CDL license.
  • Before 2020 and the industry-wide driver shortage, our “Join Team Birnie” Driver Recruitment Program attracted entry-level and seasoned applicants. They wanted to be among the best, and became safe and proficient drivers.

10 Steps to Hero

Our training results in premier and reliable bus drivers. Program benchmarks include:

  • Application Process
  • Multiple Interviews
  • Pre-Training Drug Screening, Fingerprinting, Reference Checks
  • Candidate Acceptance Into Training
  • Training for Employment (Permit Classes, On-Site Bus Monitoring, Ride-Alongs)
  • Finishing All Clearances
  • Completing In-Depth Classroom Training
  • Knowledge Testing
  • In Bus Training & Driver Skills Testing
  • CDL License Received

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